Want to reach more customers?

...then don't get left behind 😳 Whether you're a local shop, or a service business, if you want to keep your customers interested whilst increasing their value, you need to engage with them where they are - on their phones and digital devices. This means implementing...

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Messenger usage in the UK

Why the world messages businesses Messaging between people and businesses is on the rise around the world, including in the UK. 59% of people surveyed say messaging businesses offers them faster responses than more traditional communication channels. View...

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Reach people on their phones

Have you heard of Messenger Marketing? Messenger is part of Facebook - it's the part where people can chat to each other, a bit like text, but with images, videos and a lot more interactive components. Messenger is growing faster than Facebook and is said to be where...

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Just one reason to start embracing Facebook

This popped-up on my wife's phone this week and I thought it might prove an interesting point. If you ever needed a reason as to why you should engage with Facebook, then this image displays exactly what is going on locally on the world’s biggest online platform. If...

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Could you benefit from Facebook advertising?

There’s always been a lot of controversy over the usefulness of Facebook for business. And I must agree that I have, in the past, been a huge sceptic, resisting even signing up to it for a long time. And, okay they’ve had their recent ‘privacy’ issues too, but however...

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