Get your business back on the road to success with our digital marketing SPECIAL OFFER

All for just £97 per month*


As the country slowly and gradually crawls back to a degree of normality, now is the time to get those customers back in through your doors.

And now is a great opportunity to kick into touch some marketing that will outshine your competitors.

Our offer is very simple & affordable…

…we will get you in front of your customers, keeping you top-of-mind on a regular basis by:

⇒ FACEBOOK POSTS X 2 PER WEEK: Posting engaging content to your Facebook Feed TWICE a week

⇒ MONTHLY BRANDED EMAILS: Sending a monthly email to your customers near the end of the month including reminders for annual servicing and MOTs – plus interesting and engaging content.


⇒ FREE SET-UP: Set-up of branding across all elements; set-up of your customer database on the email platform (normal fee £200)

⇒ FREE FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE SET-UP: If you’re not already set-up with a branded Facebook Business page, we will include this too (normal fee £200)

⇒ MRM FACEBOOK GROUP MEMBERSHIP: This is a ‘Private Facebook Group’ that only members can see, where comments, hints, tips and info’ can be swapped – plus we will be posting more marketing information too.

👆🏻DROP US A LINE 👆🏻 if you think this could impact on your customer count and you’d like to put it in place.

ALSO…Consider this for a moment…

⇒ By adopting regular contact with customers you could stop a customer using a competitor, purely for convenience or an offer.

⇒ It could also bring back previously lost customers.

⇒ It can also increase the rate of referrals…

⇒ …and it can increase the lifetime value of a customer.

So, the question is how much could you be missing in lost income by NOT doing this – or how much more could you INCREASE your income by keeping in front of your customers?


“We use Andy to help us with many aspects of our marketing and our social media presence.

Its always been a struggle for us to maintain high quality regular social media posts.

Andy does a great job of this for us, he designs it, schedules it for us, all that I need to do is boost it. Its one less thing for us to worry about, its consistent and high quality.”

KEVIN JONES – AUTOWORKS, Benfleet & Wescliff

Digital Marketing Package Enquiry

Please drop us a line if you're interested and we will give you a call to discuss setting you up.

*SORRY – I know most hate the small print disclaimers, but this only relates to the size of your database for emails. The £97 includes for sending emails to up to 500 customers. The price increases roughly £15 per 1000 extra, per month – it’s because we get charged by our third-party provider for this.

If you’re serious about building your business contact us now!