People now organise their lives online. What people often previously used the telephone for is now done online. And this includes enquiries, questions and indeed complaints.

According to Punch Newspaper:

Many brands are already using Twitter and other social media sites as vehicles for dealing with customer service issues.


It’s only natural, when customers have questions or are dissatisfied, to bring up their issues on social media.


As a result, it becomes necessary for brands to respond to customer service issues on social media as well.


Twitter has become the go-to platform for dealing with customer service issues. Recognising this trend, Twitter is now offering customer service chatbots that companies can use when sending direct messages to customers.


These chatbots, according to, allow brands to send out auto replies to customer service-related direct messages, to help customers get help without human intervention, or to assist customers who want to contact a real, live person.


Tesco, Airbnb, Spotify, and other brands have eagerly taken advantage of this new opportunity to automate engaging with their customers.


Chatbots are now also a major part of the Facebook Messenger experience.

Chatbots on social media and on company websites are becoming increasingly popular. However, there is only so much that can be automated in terms of response, before a customer will become as frustrated as they often get being kept on-hold on the telephone.

Real, human intervention is necessary for many cases. So if you are considering using chatbot technology, don’t end up with it causing more frustration and working against you.

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