Ways to gain customers in the the automotive repair business

Did you know there are other thoughts, questions and issues that are important, if not more important to customers, (especially those who’ve never used you before), who are at the ‘consideration’ stage in the decision-making process of choosing a garage?

You see, the majority of your customers don’t really care about the technicalities of what you do – that list of things that you put in your adverts and leaflets.

You’re a garage, therefore you’re supposed to be able to service and fix cars, and do all the things in that list.

So, do you know what is more important to your customers?


These are the problems that need solving in your customers’ minds for them to make a choice of who to use, and often these issues can be deal-breakers.

If you can successfully get your customers to ‘KNOW, LIKE and TRUST’ you, then you will have solved a huge part of the decision-making equation.

Remember: It’s not about what you can do, but what you can do for your customer. Get this bit right and customers will come knocking.

Addressing these issues can be achieved by the right sort of marketing. What you say, and what you offer on your website and newsletters, through to how you respond and what others say about you.

We can help you give off the right signals and attract more customers in the process.

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