…then don’t get left behind ?

Whether you’re a local shop, or a service business, if you want to keep your customers interested whilst increasing their value, you need to engage with them where they are – on their phones and digital devices.

This means implementing digital marketing tactics and techniques.

Another reason for this, is reducing buyer ‘friction’, in other words making it easier for people to buy from you.

In essence, people want to be able to do everything ‘now’, when they think of something – whilst they’re in a queue, doctor’s surgery or cafe.

If you don’t provide people with the ability to do this, you will lose out to those that do.

Even companies such as Starbucks are embracing digital technology to their advantage – see the video below.


<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/303718749" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

The technology in terms of price and accessibility is now available to create very powerful digital relationships with your customers, both new and existing.

Many companies implementing techniques such as Facebook advertising, Messenger Chatbots, email marketing and digital loyalty schemes are seeing big returns on their marketing spend; or what it costs to gain and retain a customer, compared to the long-term value of that customer.

At Motor Repair Marketing, we have packages available that can help your business thrive against the competition.

Why not make 2019 your year to do something about how you market your business.

Book a call with me, Andy Vickery and let’s talk – we’ve ideas and tactics that are so new, you may well not have even heard of them – yet.