Get more customers by responding quicker

…and by capturing them in the ‘moment’…

…that’s in the moment, whilst they are looking for, or thinking of something they need i.e. a MOT, service, repair – even a new or used car.

The companies that are winning and making the money these days are those who provide great customer service and respond quickly – not necessarily those who have the best products or services.

We live in a ‘now’ society where everyone demands instant solutions to whatever they want or are looking for.

Anything else just leads to frustration.

It’s not enough to have a website with all your information on, that you can steer people to in the hope they will navigate to the right pages, and then make contact.

No, you now need to be more proactive and help people by making it very easy for them solve their problem and respond to you.

And the best place to do this is by reaching and engaging with people on their phones – as this is where they spend most of their time these days.

This is where Messenger Marketing can help you.

Messenger marketing, linked with automated ‘chatbots’, are providing a new way for businesses of all types to reach out and engage with customers on their phones.

It’s a technology that is set to take over from email and could replace websites in the future

You can use Messenger Marketing to:

• Ask questions
• Provide customer service
• Deliver discounts and promotions
• Showcase products and services
• Deliver loyalty programmes
• Take bookings and appointments
• …and much more

It’s powerful because it’s immediate and helps solve customer problems quickly – they don’t need to to wait for an email, navigate a big website, or take up time with a phone call.

A few ‘taps’ on the phone and they are sorted.

And the great thing is it’s automated!

You get on with the work, whilst your ‘chatbot’ delivers you customers.

Many companies are now using Messenger Marketing to speed up communications and to get an edge over their competitors.

Take a look at our quick demonstration video to find out how you could use Messenger Marketing to your advantage.