How to get more people to do business with you

As we all know, people make decisions on who they do business with based on ‘Know, Like and Trust’.

Get these three things right and you shouldn’t have to worry about where your next job is coming from.

Unfortunately, this does take commitment and work to develop, but time designated to working on these areas of your business are definitely worth it.

It would be great if all you had to do was tell people what you did with a list of services you offer and they would come to you – but these days, this really isn’t enough. Whilst there’s competition and choice available, if you want to stay in business, you need to work-the-process.

Displaying Community Spirit

One great way of endearing customers to you is to proactively display ‘community spirit’.

And this can be achieved by reaching out with friendly advice, helpful hints and tips and a willingness to show some ‘personality’ around your business.

But how can you display ‘personality’ and why would this be important? Because people buy from people – if someone likes you, they will be more inclined to buy from you – if they dislike you, they won’t.

Using Social Media to Build Personality

In order to show your personality and provide hints and tips to customers, you need to be able to get in front of them.

And right now the best place to find those customers is on social media. This is where people are, they are permanently attached to their phones and digital devices. So this is the place you need your business to be.

Newspaper adverts, leaflets and even radio still have a place, but in terms of displaying personality, none can achieve what social media can. And this is mainly because other media doesn’t have the immediacy and flexibility of social media.

When we say social media, let’s be clear, we are mainly talking about Facebook – the biggest of all the social media platforms.

Facebook allows you to display topical posts reacting to local concerns, and engage in comments and conversations, it allows you to engage with other local businesses, you can show videos, run competitions, show your staff and display their personalities and achievements, you can even show your support for local charities.

And this is what one garage, Autoworks in Essex did, when they supported a local dog rehoming charity.

Kevin Jones, MD of Autoworks ‘boosted’ this particular post (i.e. paid to reach more people) in their local area, but the engagement it received for very little spend compared to newspaper advertising was stunning – a reach of 10,873 and 892 engagements.

Autoworks continue to build on their popularity by posting regular content to Facebook and have also linked this to Messenger, where they are receiving regular enquiries and interaction from customers.

The benefit of using Messenger is people can send a message or interact quickly as they think of something, or need to sort something – they don’t need to trudge through a website that doesn’t display well, or search for a phone number (most dislike calling), they can view you on Facebook, get a better ‘feel’ for your business and message you there and then.

Garages that have begun to embrace social media are generally experiencing more engagement from customers, whether it’s for servicing and repairs, or car sales.

It’s the way business is being done these days and embraces how people’s viewing, reading and information gathering habits have changed.

No time for social media?

Let us do it for you. Not only can we provide you with regular weekly Facebook posts, but if you haven’t yet set it up, we can do that for you, we’ll even set up Messenger too.

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