How one garage saw a 60% increase in air-con work.

If you’re interested in effective ways of marketing your garage business – read on…

Have you ever sat back and wondered just what might be a good and effective way of marketing your garage business? You may have tried newspaper adverts, maybe even radio adverts, but always been underwhelmed by the results.

This is how one garage tackled their marketing and saw some real results.

During the summer of 2017, Village Motor Company in Wallasey, Liverpool experienced a 60% increase in air-conditioning work.

Manager, Dave Williams, was as pleasantly surprised as anyone with the increased air-con work and attributed the rise to a promotion they had been running in their regular monthly customer email newsletter.

Village are by no means a small garage, they have a staff of eleven and 10 bays/20 ramps a day to feed.

They have been consistently sending their newsletter, every month, for a couple of years, apart from their website, it is their main form of promotion.

The newsletter is used as a way of educating, promoting and building closer customer relationships and there has been a definite increase in repeat customer business from their database of around 3000.

At first, the company thought that a quarterly newsletter would be best, but on reflection, Dave Williams states that without a doubt, monthly is best – he added ‘customers have a short memory span and have to be reminded you are there’.

And there’s more…

Dave Williams says there have been real tangible results from the newsletters. Apart from the increase in air-con work, Village have recently diversified into the caravan and motorhome storage business – this was promoted within the regular newsletter and has so far experienced over 100 sign-ups for a new facility due to open soon. Coupons are also regularly redeemed from the newsletter.

If you are looking to increase business, make sure your customer’s come back to you and promote additional services to them, we can help you.


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