As you’re probably aware, SEO for a local business is very different from ‘general’ SEO (if you were a national or international business).

There are certain techniques that need to be applied to optimise local businesses so that their websites rank within the search engine results.

But if this is news to you, then you might just want to know also that technology has just advanced yet another stage, which has even more relevance for a local business.

It’s now not enough to have a web presence that displays well across all devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. Or to have your website fully optimised for local searches.

It’s now becoming increasingly important that your website is optimised for ‘voice searches’. This again requires even more specific SEO techniques.

It only seems a while ago that people had to physically find, pick up and read a hefty yellow pages directory – now they don’t have to move at all, they can just shout out commands and a smart-speaker will respond with an answer.

  • Apparently, 40% of adults use voice search once per day
  • The prediction is that 50% of all searches will be made by voice by 2020

According to local search specialists, BrightLocal, the following businesses should consider the use of voice optimisation for their websites.

SEO for local business

If you want to steal a chase on the competition, then local SEO for a local business is something that you need to embrace, certainly for attracting new business.

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Graph courtesy of BrightLocal.

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